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Drinks stations will be located along the route to ensure you keep hydrated throughout your race.

Hosted by our friendly volunteers, you'll be all set to keep running with confidence!

Race Distance Location
5km Family Fun Run2.5kmPacking Sheds (Turn around)
13.5km & 21.1km Half Marathon4kmNear 12 Selby-Aura Rd, Selby
13.5km & 21.1km Half Marathon6.7kmMenzies Creek CFA Station
13.5km & 21.1km Half Marathon10.1kmEmerald Station
21.1km Half Marathon13kmEmerald Lake Park (First Passing)
21.1km Half Marathon15.2km & 20.4kmWrights Forest (Entry & Exit)
All RacesFinish LineLakeside Visitor Centre, Emerald Lake Park