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UPDATE 2022 Puffing Billy Running Festival


Puffing Billy Railway is currently looking at all date options for hosting the Running Festival this year and hope to confirm a date as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on our website, social media pages or sign up to our enewsletters for upcoming information.

- Puffing Billy Running Festival Team -

About Us

Built in 1900 to serve the local communities that lived in the hills, carrying anything from passengers to timber, livestock, potatoes and plants, Puffing Billy Railway is a century old not-for-profit steam railway attraction that connects people with the past, their environment and each other.

Continuing to puff daily (except Christmas Day) with the support of over 300 passionate volunteers, Puffing Billy Railway invites you to ride in our open side carriages as you journey over the hills, down the valleys and into the lush forest on the original 24 kilometre mountain track between Belgrave and Gembrook.

Proceeds from the Puffing Billy Running Festival go towards heritage railway projects and the continued preservation of the 120-year-old, not-for-profit steam railway.